Friday, December 28, 2012


A short overview of the current WiFi implementation on the GH3: what it can and cannot do.

  • Control your camera using a smartphone or tablet (Remote Shooting menu). For that you will need the Lumix Link app that is available for both Android and iOS. You can look at Nick Driftwood's video to get first impression of how it works:

    The Lumix Link app is not the most intuitive app I used, nor it has a full feature set to control everything on the camera - just basic settings are supported. But it does work, it works without any major issues, could be invaluable in situations where you just cannot touch the camera physically and it is free.
  • Show you images on TV. You will need a DLNA-capable TV for that.
  • Tethered shooting (Send Images While Recording menu) and transfer images (Send Images Stored in the Camera menu). These work either with a smartphone / tablet or a PC. I tried for more than one hour to make it working with a Mac - without success. It can be that I miss something or my configuration is invalid - the user guide tells nothing of what protocols are required on the client side or how this shall be configured. Or it may be just a bug in the implementation. I will keep trying and will share the results with you as soon as I know more.

Overall, my impression is that PC part is, let's put it this way, a little rough. Whereas it has just worked with a direct connection using my iPad I had continuous troubles connecting over Wifi access point, including one time that the display turned black and the camera stopped reacting even to turning off - I had to remove the battery to restart. What I know now is that this assumed to work with SMB protocol (Windows file sharing, works also on a mac) because once I could come that far that I could select a server. It seems FTP is not supported though.

On the other side, Will Crocket from seem to have accomplished connecting GH3 to an Apple's Time Capsule without any issues.

I don't own a Time Capsule so I cannot confirm it. But next days I will try to connect a USB drive to my older Airport Extreme base station and let you know if that works.

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