Friday, December 28, 2012

GH3 Tipps & Tricks

Today I got my new Panasonic GH3. In fact I do own a GH1, which I haven't upgraded to a GH2, so I followed the GH3 news from the beginning. I knew it will be awesome for video, with much improved high ISO compared to my old GH1 - the main reason to upgrade for me. And will add a lot of new features like Wifi, silent electronic shutter, HDR in camera, timelapse mode, etc., etc.

After playing with the new camera for a couple of hours today, however, I found that though the camera feels great - like a first real "pro" MFT camera yet (OMD is a great camera but you need an add-on grip to hold it properly), the feature density is so high that one really needs a user guide to understand how some features work. Unfortunately the user guide delivered with the camera again assumes that we are dummies that never heard any technical term. Specifically with Wifi it hasn't helped me at all - I had to do everything by trial and error. So I decided that it may be a good idea to share what I found or will find with the rest of the world - it could be a great time saver.

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